25 agosto 2011


Good morning to you all!
How is your week going? Summer is slowly ending, but I still want to show you some last inspiration found browsing these days..

Loving the detail on the shoulders, absolutely a DIY project :D

An easy and summerish airport look, from Olivia!

New Leighton Meister, in Louis Vuitton

In love love love with the shoes, just perfect. Of course the total outfit must be copied!

What are you up to?

18 agosto 2011

"today I don't feel like doing anything..."

Some days I wake up and just feel like doing nothing..that's way the best song that describes my mood these days is by Bruno Mars, the lazy song..latest obsession;)
A part from that, I still love to browse on the web and find new inspiration for my fashion life! And these are the best one I found lately..Enjoy!


12 agosto 2011

New In!

Hi Dolls!
after having wanted glasses for almost my whole teen years but never actually needed them, I finally discovered that I need them (just from far away and no need to wear them all the time) and I'm so incredibly happy that finally I can buy the most amazing eyewear out there! hahaha
So I looked everywhere for any possible kind of glasses and the best ones I found so far are these Chanel ones, classic yet a bit stylish..what do you think? I'll soon post a pic of me wearing them on twitter so stay tuned!