27 aprile 2010

Celebrities and ordinary Fashion Tips

21 aprile 2010

The Outnet First Birthday Sale

So, last friday (the 16th) was the big day, where Outnet (outlet of net-a-porter)celebrated his first birthday by giving away many designer items at 1£....yes 1£!!!! I was so thrilled when I got the invitation..can you imagine a pair of Jimmy Choo's for 1£???? Or a Miu Miu bag for always 1£?? Well, I was so exited when at 8.25 I received the e-mail saying that the sale has started! However things changed when I realised that everytime I chose something and put in my bag the site just would not work and once I re enter it was sold out! I was soooo disappointed!!! Why make a sale that is not working??!!!! I got really upset, not only because as soon as it started almost everything was sold out, but also because the web site did not let me buy the things I chose (a pair of Brian Atwood sandals and a Fendi bag)becuase it was not working properly... :( Could anyone buy something?
Well, besides that Hope your week is going well!
Wish you all a wonderful day!!!!

19 aprile 2010

More of street style

Hi all, another week has started. I feel so happy when the sun is out! I can already imagine myself in the beach, wearing nice dresses….I really need holidays:)
Right now I'm working on the Spring 2011 collection and to see what's going to be trendy next year and even think about next summer already makes me smile….I know, you might think I'm crazy but what can I do? I'm surrounded by thousands of shoes (and I must admit I just love it) and by people that get hysterical for every little issue! I'm also planning my summer holidays, and it gets soo frustrating when you want to go to many many places but do not have the time!! I just wish I could be in holidays for ever!!! hahahha No I’m just kidding...I would go crazy! Nothing to do the whole day? No no no no no....not for me!!! Well, as I said my boyfriend and I are planning our holidays, however although we both agree on going to the beach there is one little problem..I want to go to the carribean side and he wants to go to the complete opposite part of the world…mmmm…what should we do?
Once again I leave you with some pictures I found browsing on the web…Enjoy;)

18 aprile 2010

Everyday style

Hello everybody!
Hope you had a wonderful week end! I told you I wanted to go to the Salone del mobile in Milan, however I had some issues going on and I couldn't go:( Anyway...besides that unfortunately the week end is almost over..ufff...
On this post I finally show you some picture of my everyday style..This are the first pictures I'm posting...however I still have thousands better to show you..so keeo looking;)
As usual, Love you all!

15 aprile 2010

Hi all! So, thanks god it's thursday:) I know I know..one more day to go...but still I'm kind of getting in the right mood for the week end!!!! Can't wait...althought I won't be going anywere (and I really wish I was in a beach right now)!! I was thinking of going to the Salone del Mobile in Milan...I saw soo many nice things..and since I'm still decorating my house (the best part of leaving your parents house) I thought that I might go check it out to have new ideas:)Well,I'll let you know if I go!
Meawhile i let you enjoy (as usual) all the best picture I find browsing on the web...Enjoy!

13 aprile 2010


I just wanted to share with you this picture, don't you think it's amazing? I have no idea what it is but it just catched my eye and it seems I can't stop looking at it..It looks soo relaxing, so pure....god I just love it!!!!!!

Route Style

Hi all,
here is another collage of street style and celebrity style I love..Hope you like it too! Love xoxo