29 aprile 2011


You are all probably so fed up with all the media and all the people talking about Kate and William, but it truly is the wedding of the century!!
So here is a picture in their honor:
Enjoy watching the wedding and have a wonderful week end!

Beauty treatments

Hello everyone!
Even though you probably don't know me very well yet, I decided it was the right time to share with you my "everyday beauty treatments". Honestly I've never been a fan of make up nor creams, although I know every woman should take care of herself I admit I'm waaay to lazy. Or at least I was! :) Yes cause since I received a package full of Clinique products I’ve actually started to like the ritual of putting cream all over my body every single night! Let’s start from the bottom, and remember that as I told you, I’m not an expert so any advice would be highly appreciated ;)
This is the cream I use for my feet, every day after the shower I put on a lot of cream and then put on the socks..for sure is not sexy (hahaha) but believe Me when I say your feet will feel incredibly soft!
Going up we have the legs one of the most important part of the body, needless to say that exercising helps them to be more toned! What I use is this butter cream from Sanctuary Covent Garden Spa, is just amazing so deeply nourishing yet it feels so light on the skin!
After the legs it’s time to take care of the hands too, and I usually use one of the most famous creams: The 8 hour cream by Elisabeth Arden (btw I sometimes use also their lip balm, because it gives such a nice look)
Last, but not least, we have the face: I’ve started to use this amazing cream by Clinique and I must admit that my skin is now prettier than ever <3 <3 <3

Together with my face’s cream I also use this “it’s all about the eyes” by Clinique which instantly gives an amazing feeling!
During warmer months, and mostly at the beach, I use this refreshing spray which instantly gives a cool feeling!

Hope you all enjoyed my tips for beauty care :)

28 aprile 2011

Back after easter for the "5 Things"..

Hello everyone!
Yet again the week has started…but it’s already ending!!!! Ahahhaha Lovin’ it!
How was your Easter? Did you eat a lot of chocolate bunnies/eggs? :D I did! Hehehe I also chilled on the sun, relaxed a lot and spent an amazing time with friends and family!
There are currently a few things that make me smile, and in particular I’ve chosen 5 out of it..

A pink outfit reminds me of Barbie, of candies and although it’s kind of obvious it’s just so girlish and I just love it right now <3

There was a time where I hated mixing gold and silver jewelry..but that time is gone! This picture represents my change of mind, these two colours together can look great!
I really like cat eye sunglasses, I’ve liked them since I first saw them on Olivia Palermo..and although I already own a pair I WANT these new ones by Tom Ford!
A really small tattoo that I only share with one of the most important persons in my life, my best friend Isabella!
My favourite summertime dish

Hope you enjoy today's post!

22 aprile 2011


Good morning to you all!!!!
Today I want to talk about walk-in closets..that little piece of paradise located inside many houses or apartments. Since I was a child I’ve always dreamed of having one, even if really small, to be able to have in front of my eyes all those shoes, bags or dresses that makes me smile and makes me happy as well..Yes, the right pair of shoes, or a bag I simply adore have this power: they make me a happy person! hehehehhee
Every time I browse the web I’m always looking for some kind of inspiration, and the blog called Cupcakes & Cashmere has become one of my favourites..it’s full full of great ideas for both outfits and interior decoration! If you want and have time, and maybe you are decorating your house or just want to renew it, check out this blog!
In the meantime, however, I want to show you some ideas I found on the internet, what do you say?
Do you feel the need of having a walk-in closet in the style of “Sex & the City” too?!?! :D
As you probably may have seen I posted this pic on twitter yesterday..and again, I’m speechless!!!!
This wonderful white and pinkish closet just caught my eye!
Do I need to say something? It’s Carry <3

Simply, clean and classic..a must have!
A bit too over the top for my taste…
Eva Longoria shows us how a brown coloured closet can have that elegant/high class British style!

With love,

18 aprile 2011

And, here I am!

Hello hello out there!! How is everything? I've been quite busy, so sorry for the lack of posts :( And although today is a veeery short post, I HAD to show you this pic. Kanye totally loves to experiment in fashion, and we should give him credits for that..in the end he is part of the show biz, so he can wear whatever he wants right? ;) Here is a picture of him wearing a woman's shirt from the Celine Spring 11 collection. What do you think, in or out?

8 aprile 2011

will.i.am, Nicki Minaj - Check It Out

Jessie J - Price Tag ft. B.o.B.

Today's Inspiration

Hi babes!
I wanted to start the week end with some inspiration..do you like the pictures I chose? :)
Love you all,
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