28 aprile 2011

Back after easter for the "5 Things"..

Hello everyone!
Yet again the week has started…but it’s already ending!!!! Ahahhaha Lovin’ it!
How was your Easter? Did you eat a lot of chocolate bunnies/eggs? :D I did! Hehehe I also chilled on the sun, relaxed a lot and spent an amazing time with friends and family!
There are currently a few things that make me smile, and in particular I’ve chosen 5 out of it..

A pink outfit reminds me of Barbie, of candies and although it’s kind of obvious it’s just so girlish and I just love it right now <3

There was a time where I hated mixing gold and silver jewelry..but that time is gone! This picture represents my change of mind, these two colours together can look great!
I really like cat eye sunglasses, I’ve liked them since I first saw them on Olivia Palermo..and although I already own a pair I WANT these new ones by Tom Ford!
A really small tattoo that I only share with one of the most important persons in my life, my best friend Isabella!
My favourite summertime dish

Hope you enjoy today's post!