22 aprile 2011


Good morning to you all!!!!
Today I want to talk about walk-in closets..that little piece of paradise located inside many houses or apartments. Since I was a child I’ve always dreamed of having one, even if really small, to be able to have in front of my eyes all those shoes, bags or dresses that makes me smile and makes me happy as well..Yes, the right pair of shoes, or a bag I simply adore have this power: they make me a happy person! hehehehhee
Every time I browse the web I’m always looking for some kind of inspiration, and the blog called Cupcakes & Cashmere has become one of my favourites..it’s full full of great ideas for both outfits and interior decoration! If you want and have time, and maybe you are decorating your house or just want to renew it, check out this blog!
In the meantime, however, I want to show you some ideas I found on the internet, what do you say?
Do you feel the need of having a walk-in closet in the style of “Sex & the City” too?!?! :D
As you probably may have seen I posted this pic on twitter yesterday..and again, I’m speechless!!!!
This wonderful white and pinkish closet just caught my eye!
Do I need to say something? It’s Carry <3

Simply, clean and classic..a must have!
A bit too over the top for my taste…
Eva Longoria shows us how a brown coloured closet can have that elegant/high class British style!

With love,