7 ottobre 2011

28 years ago..

..I was born :) I love that I can be able to share this special day with all of you! Let's have an amazing day!!!!


19 settembre 2011

New York Looks

Hi dolls!
A new week has began...and it seems that a new season is starting to begin too! Don't know about you, but here in Europe this past week end was freezing! So I decided to stay at home for a week end and start organizing my winter clothes..better early than never! :D
I leave you with some random pictures from the web (sartorialist and shop her closet):

See you soon!

14 settembre 2011


Good morning to you all! How have you been? These weeks are really crazy, as you all know NY is full of magnificent fashionistas:D Here are a few of the many fashion shows I want to show you:

Jenny Packham: very colorfull dresses in every possible lenght, what do you say? I totally adore it!

Although Luca Luca is quite new to me, I began to really love the textures and the color combination used!

Preen is giving us some fresh textures and colours, I can totally see many fashion people wearing these pieces next season :)

Zac Posen has never let us down with his amazing gowns, and this season is no exception! One word: LOVELY!

Reem Acra is another one that does not let us down in terms of amazing gowns! Très chic, n'est-ce pas?

And last but not least is my personal fashion idol show: Victoria Beckham. No words are needed to describe the beautiful and extremely elegant and luxurious dresses she presents! It differs a lot from the last collections, it shows us how she's growing as a stylist and what amazing cuts she's experimenting!

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

8 settembre 2011

Currently craving for...

This amazing Alexander MCQueen loafers! The skull embroidery is amazing, and although we've seen it everywhere, this brand is the only one that gets it right;)
Have an amzing end of the week!

25 agosto 2011


Good morning to you all!
How is your week going? Summer is slowly ending, but I still want to show you some last inspiration found browsing these days..

Loving the detail on the shoulders, absolutely a DIY project :D

An easy and summerish airport look, from Olivia!

New Leighton Meister, in Louis Vuitton

In love love love with the shoes, just perfect. Of course the total outfit must be copied!

What are you up to?

18 agosto 2011

"today I don't feel like doing anything..."

Some days I wake up and just feel like doing nothing..that's way the best song that describes my mood these days is by Bruno Mars, the lazy song..latest obsession;)
A part from that, I still love to browse on the web and find new inspiration for my fashion life! And these are the best one I found lately..Enjoy!


12 agosto 2011

New In!

Hi Dolls!
after having wanted glasses for almost my whole teen years but never actually needed them, I finally discovered that I need them (just from far away and no need to wear them all the time) and I'm so incredibly happy that finally I can buy the most amazing eyewear out there! hahaha
So I looked everywhere for any possible kind of glasses and the best ones I found so far are these Chanel ones, classic yet a bit stylish..what do you think? I'll soon post a pic of me wearing them on twitter so stay tuned!


21 luglio 2011

7 things

Since a lot have happened in the past month, I thought that I needed to come back with my 7 things..those things that inspired me lately.
1° This floating pink dress is exactly what my dream-dress looks like! I’m not blonde, and I wouldn’t wear it with black pumps but it was just to give you an idea!

2° Since I started with a gown why not continue with another one? Yes, this is Cheryl Cole in this beautiful champagne coloured dress paired with red accessories. Lovely.

3° Charlotte Casiraghi is known for her inherent style, yet she transforms an LBD in something new. Of course is a pleated, one shoulder, made of an exquisite material LBD.

4° Although I’m in love with panama hats, I’m so tired of seeing them EVERYWHERE! So I decided this is the new “cool hat”..at least for me;)

5° Summer is all about colourful nights spent with friends, and this picture couldn’t capture it in a better way. (from alltheprettybirds.com)

6° Gossip Girl is back on! Bring in the new style! 

7° Only Olivia Palermo could rock a “city-yet-stylish-casual” outfit. Copy it from head to toe!


10 giugno 2011

7 things

7 things that caught my eye recently:

The background of what I'm dreaming right now.

This beach cover up is lovely, so retro! From Topshop.

Perfect sandal to go to the beach: very chic, very colorfull and very confortable! From Topshop.

In loooove with the beach version of the peek a boo

What else do I need after this perfect binkin with skulls? Oh yeah, a tan!

And last but not least one of the items on top of my wishlist: the Christian Dior "Zeli" sunglasses.


20 maggio 2011

Olivia Palermo in Charlotte Olympia

Olivia Palermo was recently spotted in NY with a "man-inspired look": a black suit, white shirt and a jewelery brooch that stopped the black tie. The accessories (as usual) were the key items of the look, leopard print pumps and an amazing plexiglass clutch both from amazing designer Charlotte Olympia.

Have a wonderful week-end!

18 maggio 2011

7 things

After 12 days of absence, here I am and I’ve chosen these 7 things that are in my mind this week ..
I decided to begin with a pic of New York. Does it need any words?

Since I was a kid I’ve always liked sparkly. It’s shiny and it makes me smile and when I grew up I found out that when sparkly is combined with shoes I just cannot resist! :D This are the shoes I’m thinking about right now! Should I or should I not?

This Louis Vuitton bag is TDF. The bag is attached by a small chain to a cuff covered in diamonds that must be worn as a bracelet. Isn’t the idea so nice and new? I’m so in love with it, but I guess it will have to wait..did I mention that is made in crocodile and it has diamonds????? Price is upon request…

This shade of pink for a Birkin reminds me of a Barbie, yet is so girlish that I decided it will be a must have for me. Not a season must have but a life must have ;)

A gold watch is what I need right now.. Gold is on trend more than ever!

Frozen yoghurt – If well done, this can be as satisfactory as a piece of chocolate during colder times and yet so much lighter in calories! I’ve been trying lot of different tastes and as soon as I figure out which I like the most I’ll share the recipe with all of you!!

And how could I not post my all-time spring favourite drink? A sangria is perfect for those warmer nights spent with friends in the back yard.

6 maggio 2011

Beauty tips

Good morning to you all! TGIF!!!! Let the week-end begin ;)

This past week has been kind of intense, I will tell you all the new projects as soon as they get more concrete. But as a typical Friday post, let’s start with today’s beauty routine in terms of make up. I’ve never been a fan of wearing too much make up, or actually I had a phase when I was like 15 where I would wear eye shadows, eyeliner, glossy, foundation.. but thanks god those days are gone! I really like a natural make up, the one that “is there but it doesn’t look like”, that gives a feminine glow without hiding every woman’s beauty!
So, even though I’m no expert at all, here is a list of the few things I use for my everyday make up:
I start with this powder, Soleil Tan de Chanel, it magically hides all the imperfections without making my skin feel heavy. Totally recommend it!
After I apply a black pencil on the bottom of my eye, and the best I’ve found so far is “le crayon khol” again from Chanel.
Last, but not least, I use my new discovery: Maybelline One by One. After having asked millions of people, having tried millions of mascara I must say that Maybelline just got it right. It’s very easy to apply I can guarantee you that the result it’s just amazing!
When I want to feel different, a bit more particular or a bit more sexy I just use these 2 lipsticks:
The first one is from Chanel while the fuxia is from Dior..no need for any other colour! :)
What do you use as an every day make up? Send me your comments or your tips;)