18 maggio 2011

7 things

After 12 days of absence, here I am and I’ve chosen these 7 things that are in my mind this week ..
I decided to begin with a pic of New York. Does it need any words?

Since I was a kid I’ve always liked sparkly. It’s shiny and it makes me smile and when I grew up I found out that when sparkly is combined with shoes I just cannot resist! :D This are the shoes I’m thinking about right now! Should I or should I not?

This Louis Vuitton bag is TDF. The bag is attached by a small chain to a cuff covered in diamonds that must be worn as a bracelet. Isn’t the idea so nice and new? I’m so in love with it, but I guess it will have to wait..did I mention that is made in crocodile and it has diamonds????? Price is upon request…

This shade of pink for a Birkin reminds me of a Barbie, yet is so girlish that I decided it will be a must have for me. Not a season must have but a life must have ;)

A gold watch is what I need right now.. Gold is on trend more than ever!

Frozen yoghurt – If well done, this can be as satisfactory as a piece of chocolate during colder times and yet so much lighter in calories! I’ve been trying lot of different tastes and as soon as I figure out which I like the most I’ll share the recipe with all of you!!

And how could I not post my all-time spring favourite drink? A sangria is perfect for those warmer nights spent with friends in the back yard.
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