6 maggio 2011

Beauty tips

Good morning to you all! TGIF!!!! Let the week-end begin ;)

This past week has been kind of intense, I will tell you all the new projects as soon as they get more concrete. But as a typical Friday post, let’s start with today’s beauty routine in terms of make up. I’ve never been a fan of wearing too much make up, or actually I had a phase when I was like 15 where I would wear eye shadows, eyeliner, glossy, foundation.. but thanks god those days are gone! I really like a natural make up, the one that “is there but it doesn’t look like”, that gives a feminine glow without hiding every woman’s beauty!
So, even though I’m no expert at all, here is a list of the few things I use for my everyday make up:
I start with this powder, Soleil Tan de Chanel, it magically hides all the imperfections without making my skin feel heavy. Totally recommend it!
After I apply a black pencil on the bottom of my eye, and the best I’ve found so far is “le crayon khol” again from Chanel.
Last, but not least, I use my new discovery: Maybelline One by One. After having asked millions of people, having tried millions of mascara I must say that Maybelline just got it right. It’s very easy to apply I can guarantee you that the result it’s just amazing!
When I want to feel different, a bit more particular or a bit more sexy I just use these 2 lipsticks:
The first one is from Chanel while the fuxia is from Dior..no need for any other colour! :)
What do you use as an every day make up? Send me your comments or your tips;)