30 marzo 2011

Spring's Flare Jeans

Hi everyone! I was browsing the web looking for some Spring key items to add to my wardrobe when I suddenly realized that although I prepared the post about flared pants a couple of days ago I never published:(
So, let's start with a must have for this season! This Spring is all about the '70s: sequin dresses, platform heels, unstructured blazers, flare jeans...and the good news is that there are endless ways to incorporate this trends into your outfits! I'll start with the flare jeans, so girls: get the inspiration from stylish street people, influential editors and fashionable celebrities like Nicole Richie, Kate Moss, Diane Kruger and Lindsay Lohan and create your own trend :)
And here are a few suggestions I tought you guys may like:
Enjoy;) and have a wonderful day!

24 marzo 2011

Maxi Lenghts

Bonjour tout le monde!
Days are passing by so fast(I didn't even realize that spring already began!!) and this is the reason why I'm not able to write every day. Even though I want to time isn't enough for me..days should be longer! I've been saying this for at least 10 years! hehehe
Anyway, since warm weather is slowly coming (have you noticed that in the morning there are like 10°C now??) today's post is about maxi lenghts such as maxi skirt or maxi dresses, which by the way I totally love..do you?
Hope you enjoy it!

23 marzo 2011

DIY Inspiration

Mornin' everyone!
How is your week going? Today's short post is to show you an amazing diy project, presented to you by a blog I discovered some time ago: http://psimadethis.com/
Have you seen Erica Domesek's wonderful ideas to replicate at home? I'm so impressed, I've never had real manual skills but when I see the result and how easy it actually is, projects and ideas start to bounce in my head! Of course patience is the only and MAIN ingredient for a well done dyi job!
Many websites are giving us ideas, just look for them and as soon as you find what you want to do LET'S BE CREATIVE :D
The one I absolutely have to try is the trench with golden spikes:
Can I just say WOW?????!!!!! Thanks for the wonderful idea Erica!

22 marzo 2011

Personal Shopper

Would you like to do some online shopping, maybe saving a little bit, but you don’t know where it’s better to buy? Do you need a specific item but you cannot find it anywhere? Do you want to buy a fashionable item but you don’t know which one is best for you? I can help you!!
If you do not own a Credit Card or a PayPal account I can still help you!!

How does it work? Is that simple:
Show me a picture or write me an e-mail where you describe the product you are looking for and I will search it for you! A couple of days after I will send you a proposal with a couple of items that best suit your request! Obviously I am going to look for the best available offer!

If you like my proposal and you want to buy the item/items I will take care of the whole process.
You will only need to pay the amount, shipping cost included, to my account and I will take care of everything, from the online store to your place!

My commission is 20% of the item’s price, without the shipping costs.

As soon as the order has been placed, which will be shipped to your address, I will send you the tracking number in order to be able to follow it’s journey!

I will do my best to establish a relationship based on mutual trust, providing my personal info as well as my private number just to reassure you.

You can finally find that specific item you were looking for! What are you waiting? :D

Send me an email to:


18 marzo 2011


Hi lovelies! I just wanted to let you know that I'm alive! ahahhaha As I told you on my last post, busy weeks were coming but fortunately today I can tell you that they are over! Presentations are over, meetings are over and although of course I'm still working I'll have time to breath and mostly I'll have time to post some new pics I def have to show u!
Check back for some fashion news!

7 marzo 2011

Monday's fashion tips

Good morning everyone!!! :) today I want to begin the busy week sharing some inspirations with all of you guys!
Some Olivia Palermo, some street styles, some fashion icons, everything that inspired me this morning! hehehe
Hope you like them too!