23 marzo 2011

DIY Inspiration

Mornin' everyone!
How is your week going? Today's short post is to show you an amazing diy project, presented to you by a blog I discovered some time ago: http://psimadethis.com/
Have you seen Erica Domesek's wonderful ideas to replicate at home? I'm so impressed, I've never had real manual skills but when I see the result and how easy it actually is, projects and ideas start to bounce in my head! Of course patience is the only and MAIN ingredient for a well done dyi job!
Many websites are giving us ideas, just look for them and as soon as you find what you want to do LET'S BE CREATIVE :D
The one I absolutely have to try is the trench with golden spikes:
Can I just say WOW?????!!!!! Thanks for the wonderful idea Erica!