22 marzo 2011

Personal Shopper

Would you like to do some online shopping, maybe saving a little bit, but you don’t know where it’s better to buy? Do you need a specific item but you cannot find it anywhere? Do you want to buy a fashionable item but you don’t know which one is best for you? I can help you!!
If you do not own a Credit Card or a PayPal account I can still help you!!

How does it work? Is that simple:
Show me a picture or write me an e-mail where you describe the product you are looking for and I will search it for you! A couple of days after I will send you a proposal with a couple of items that best suit your request! Obviously I am going to look for the best available offer!

If you like my proposal and you want to buy the item/items I will take care of the whole process.
You will only need to pay the amount, shipping cost included, to my account and I will take care of everything, from the online store to your place!

My commission is 20% of the item’s price, without the shipping costs.

As soon as the order has been placed, which will be shipped to your address, I will send you the tracking number in order to be able to follow it’s journey!

I will do my best to establish a relationship based on mutual trust, providing my personal info as well as my private number just to reassure you.

You can finally find that specific item you were looking for! What are you waiting? :D

Send me an email to: