21 luglio 2011

7 things

Since a lot have happened in the past month, I thought that I needed to come back with my 7 things..those things that inspired me lately.
1° This floating pink dress is exactly what my dream-dress looks like! I’m not blonde, and I wouldn’t wear it with black pumps but it was just to give you an idea!

2° Since I started with a gown why not continue with another one? Yes, this is Cheryl Cole in this beautiful champagne coloured dress paired with red accessories. Lovely.

3° Charlotte Casiraghi is known for her inherent style, yet she transforms an LBD in something new. Of course is a pleated, one shoulder, made of an exquisite material LBD.

4° Although I’m in love with panama hats, I’m so tired of seeing them EVERYWHERE! So I decided this is the new “cool hat”..at least for me;)

5° Summer is all about colourful nights spent with friends, and this picture couldn’t capture it in a better way. (from alltheprettybirds.com)

6° Gossip Girl is back on! Bring in the new style! 

7° Only Olivia Palermo could rock a “city-yet-stylish-casual” outfit. Copy it from head to toe!