7 maggio 2010

Happy friday everyone;)

Hope you are all doing great! This week passed by so fast! It's incredible! but I'm happy..for no particular reason I'm happy :)
Browsing on the web I found this picture of Victoria Beckam leaving The Wolseley restaurant in Piccadilly and I fell in love..I mean in my opinion she is already sooo stylish but look at these picture, the earrings look so new and fresh on her and that Isabel Marant dress and those BA shoes...It's quite simple but sooo chic!!!
And then Blake Lively...wow...she is really pretty but that dress on her..wow...plus I love the color of the Marchesa dress combined with fuxia lipstick..stunning! Not talking about the Loboutins... :)
Anyway..talking about my blog I know I should start posting more pictures of myself...and I will I promise!!! :) I will oblige someone to take photos of me! hahhahaha
Well girls and boys..it's time for me to start working..Thanks for all your e-mails..I really appreciate it!!!
As always..Love..XOXO