23 luglio 2010

Daily inspiration

I woke up this morning with the sun shining in my face, rapidly a smile came out of my face..went to take a shower to totally wake up and had a very special brakfast prepared by my bf. So, my day started in a very good way:D Then I got dressed, with the sun still shining in my face, and decided to wear my YSL sandals..cause today I feel like a diva...and I want other people to look at me and say oh she's faboosh! ahhahaha
Well, it all went well..got into my car drove to my office...I get out of the car and suddenly the sky was veeery dark, I looked up and a drop of rain smashed onto my face. What's going on?????? the worst storm ever! And yes, i'm still wearing my ysl sandals...grrrrrrrrrr!
So today I decided i'm not going to let my job piss me offmore than I already am.
As usual I leave you with picture found browsing the web...and as per the title it's my daily inspiration, that means the pictures I look at when I wake up and cannot decide my outfit for the day!
Hope yu like them too!
Loving all of you