29 settembre 2010

Eevry Tuesday..

Eevry Tuesday..
Eevry Tuesday.. di cynbowie su Polyvore.com

Every tuesday I tend to be a little pessimist..Ok, not every tuesday but a part from the fact that it is so haaard to wake up in the morning I also have to face the fact that we still have 3 more days till the week end! But as usual I can make it :) oh yes I can! Many exiting things are happening and that is the only reason why I am here writing you with a simel on my face!
Today I wanted to share with you a NY inspired outfit, made of Clare Tough super cozy wool cardingan, a black tshirt combined with a sexy Marios pleated skirt and the whole thing competed by Elisabeth and James ankle lace up boots, gold jewelery and of course the PS satchel;)
Have a wonderful day!