6 ottobre 2010

Wednesday's fashion tips

Wednesday's fashion tips
Wednesday's fashion tips di cynbowie su Polyvore.com

Hi all! So, tomorrow I will be turning 27 years old..quite a lot for me :D But I'm enjoying every single day of my life...living it to it's maximun, trying to forget about the problems that make me sad and concentrate on my career, my boyfriend and my close friends..these are the things that matter to me..Fashion is my passion and I do what I do only because I totally love these amazing world. Everytime I put on something I have different feelings: sexy, super beautiful, ugly, teenager, classy woman...Can you imagine? A dress can make you feel in so many different ways! I just love working in this world, and mostly I love I can share with you guys my outfit inspiration every day! Thank you thank you and thank you!
Today I wanted to show you something brigth, something with the colour of the sun! A chic Tibi dress, with an A McQueen belt, a Mulberry Alexa and soma matching Louboutins..Since for my taste it is a bit cold I decided to add a poncho..but hey it's a Missoni poncho! Tres chic! Gold jewelery complete the look!
Enjoy it!