25 novembre 2010

Magic loafers

Today I want to talk to you about Stubbs&Wotton. This amazing shop sells handcrafted unique shoes and slippers for women and men. Not only their creations are amazing in my opinion but their shops are incredibly classy, and I honestly think that in these days that's what make the difference!These shoes are to die for. I first saw them browsing on the web and then I saw a picture of über stylish Olivia Palermo wearing them and I have totally, with all my heart fallen in love with them. I NEED TO HAVE THEM. IN MORE COLORS. You know what happens? Girls are particulary obsessed with shoes, and (like it happens to wedding dresses) you only have to see them to know that a pair of shoe is meant for you. And when i say meant for you I mean that you probably could not live without that specific pair of shoes, and all this to tell you guys that I found my half (ahahha), i need to have those shoes in my life. So, sorry guys but I have to go buy my new babes!!:D
Love you all,