27 novembre 2009


As you all know, there is always an item (and yes I will call it an item!) that is in everybody's whish list. Girls from all over the world would literally die to have what every fashion icon, socialité and vip have in their closet before it's even on the market!
The new "it" bag is the Valentino 360 Hobo Bag
You might remember a scene in the tv series Gossip Girl where Blair introduce herself to a stranger, which she then decides that it will be her new best friend only because this new girl has the 360 Hobo Bag:

However it seems that this bag is really loved among the celebrities also outside the sets, for example Jessica Simpson has been spotted around with this purse more than one time

I personally love this bag, and what I love the most is the bow, which seems to be Valentino' s signature which act as the bag’s closure. My favorite version is this one:

I think it's a beautiful color and not boring at all! What's your favourite color?